Hugh Campbell

Musician, Artist and Developer

About Hugh Campbell

With over a decade's worth of experience composing and producing trance and progressive music, Hugh Campbell creates music inspired by multiple genres, styles and cultural influences. Driven by both uplifting and haunting melodies and immersive ambient elements, Hugh's music is as emotive as it is trance-inducing.

Hugh discovered his passion for electronic music at an early age, as a bedroom DJ, broadcasting live shows over the internet via numerous web radio stations, chat rooms and podcasts. In 2001, Hugh began experimenting with music production and eventually honed his skills producing Trance and Progressive music.

In 2004, Hugh signed up with independent record label Neon Wave Productions, an independent label based in Glasgow, Scotland and released his first 5 track EP titled “Spiritual Revelation”. In early 2005, Hugh pursued his own marketing and distribution of his work – offering track downloads for free and collaborating with other artists.

In 2005, Hugh, claimed the 2nd place award for the South African Music Industry Online (MIO) Annual remix competition, falling but 1 point behind the overall winner, Vaughan Phillips. The competition features some of the best electronic music producers from all across South Africa in varying skill levels ranging from bedroom producers, to highly recognized musicians.

Throughout 2006 and 2007, Hugh's work was featured several times on the popular Sound Republic podcasts, hosted by Derek “the bandit” Richardson – a well known South African Radio personality.

Hugh's music has been featured on hundreds of podcasts and web radio shows worldwide and as a result, has received positive reviews in magazines such as Sync'Up and Wired Mag.

In 2009, Hugh signed with South African independent record label, Multitude Music and compiled two artist releases; “Monolith EP” in 2008 and “The Comedown Machine” in 2009 along with several remixes and singles until the label disbanded in 2011.

Hugh has worked with several musicians namely; Christina Berry, Patrick Sweeny, Ryan Vickers, Vaughan Phillips a.k.a Syntrax, Nick Easlern, Michelle Freeman, Fady Fyad a.k.a Psy Sprit), Alpha FX, Diverje, Morne V and others.

Hugh also composes and produces music for film and video games.

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